Our company called SARL CODIN that the seat social is located in the area industrial of Reghaia Algiers

(next to Rouiba) has opted for the vocation with and advice our potential  customers  in their projects investments in the industrial area . The long experience of our staff in the field (more than 40 years) and the knowledge of  the sector (opportunities investment)  encouraged us to go ahead.

For this,  we are surrounded by serious and competent  partners  in some countries.

We can give you some examples : Turkey,  France, Belgium, Germany, Spain, the Greece, the Canada and States United. But we widely prefer Turkey for the best quality price report.

By the way note that the negociation with our customers can be presented in 2 ways that here are :

The customer already has his niche: There, he asks us to prospect to find the best supplier in terms of quality / price for the acquisition of its equipment. However, there are times when we dissuade our protagonists

engage in one of the cases where the project is not profitable; impossible ; saturated market ; obsolete technology; major difficulty in obtaining approval or other administrative authorizations; no state subsidies; total cost of the project exceeding their financing capacity despite the bank credit to be requested; land problem in terms of measurements or geographical location etc ...

In this case, the potential customer pays in one of the slots that we present to him in substitution.
In the event that the project presented initially or in substitution is commendable and exciting, our role is not only to find the supplier but also to negotiate all aspects related to the contract that will follow.
Next, it is incumbent on us to prepare the technical-economic file of the project to present to the administrative authorities for the granting of the benefits subsidized by the state as well as for the banking institutions (see below the non-negligible consistency)

The customer is looking for a niche market : this represents the vast majority of our customers. They have the financial and land resources, but do not know (or hesitate) in

which niche to engage. It's up to us to find out what might interest him, and to convince him honestly of course.

Our role in this case, as you can easily judge, is more difficult for the simple reason that it leads to a much broader search for niches that can adapt to our domestic market, but not only

because it is also necessar

y to convince the protagonist about the opportunity and the interest of the project.

In both cases, it is incumbent upon us, according to the client's approval, to undertake all the procedures inherent to the administrative and relational requirements with (without guarantee of course the result):

 banking authorities


 the ministry of guardianship

 Subcontractors for works related to the project






Labor much cheaper than in Europe

Very wide and virgin market

Immediate proximity to sub-Saharan countries; African and North African favorable to develop export policy very promising
relatively low energy cost

Exemption from taxes, customs duties and other tax and parafiscal benefits over 5 to 10 years

25% higher promotion of the price in international tenders for products manufactured wholly or partially in Algeria

Price and quality of some inputs favorable raw materials

  Etc ...

Installation, training
We are listening to you…
Technico-economic study

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